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Randi Fay featured in Green Bay Press Gazette
Randi Fay received two WAMI award nominations - Green Bay Press Gazette
Daddy D brings Country Jamboree to Riverside Ballroom
Kyshona Armstrong at Fox Valley Technical College
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum


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Randi Fay featured in Green Bay Press Gazette

Randi Fay won't forget where she was when she learned she scored her first two Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards nominations.
The jazz singer from Green Bay was 12,000 feet above sea level skiing the See Forever run in Telluride, Colo., when she and her husband, John, decided to stop at a wine hut on the hill. John got a message on his phone. It was a photo of a tweet from Press-Gazette Media announcing Randi's nominations for female vocalist and jazz artist.

Her reaction:"What?

Randi Fay received two WAMI award nominations - Green Bay Press Gazette

Green Bay's Randi Fay scored two WAMI award nominations for female vocalist and jazz artist

Red Light Saints win WAMI People's Choice Award!

The Red Light Saints band was honored at the Wisconsin Area Music Award show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 14, 2013, receiving the People's Choice Award for Wisconsin's Northeast Quadrant.  Way to go, guys!

WAMI People's Choice 2013 Red Light Saints Travis Schinke Andy Nader Ben Kurowski Lane Bashaw Luke Heckel Daniel Collins Green Bay Northeast Wisconsin Sonic M.D. Show Production
Featuring Travis Schinke on Lead Vocals, Andy Nader on Bass, Ben Kurowski and Lane Bashaw on Guitars and Luke Heckel on Drums, the Saints are coming to a venue near you.

Visit TOUR DATES for more details.

Review: Bonus Daddy D '60s Show Pours on Entertainment

Review: Bonus Daddy D '60s show pours on entertainment
6:02 PM, Oct 13, 2012

Written byWarren GerdsGreen Bay Press-Gazette
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Show review
Daddy D Productions: “Songs of the ’60s”

4 stars (out of four)

Daddy D Productions put on a show Friday night at the Riverside Ballroom that was not part of its original schedule for the year. What was put together for a sponsor, with the public invited, dished out the ample strengths of Daddy D’s talented lineup.

Troupe leader Darren Johnson unleashed his flexible voice in “Unchained Melody.

Promo Video: Wings of a Hero

Click Here and enjoy!!
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